Dawn Heels is a Fibroid advocate who turned her own pain into purpose by sharing her 6-year battle with Fibroids on social media in 2022.

Dawn, who is predominantly on Instagram and YouTube (her channel has over 2.6 million views), received an influx of comments and messages from women, who opened up and shared their own silent battle with the condition. This encouraged Dawn to amplify the voices of women by starting a series called 'My Fibroid Journey', where women are encouraged to speak up and raise awareness of the condition, in the hopes to educate others. The series grew and now also includes professionals giving their guidance and expertise on the condition.

Dawn has also launched a not-for-profit organisation called The Guidance Suite, which is for women wanting a safe and accessible space (online and in person) to access information and guidance on Fibroids and other womb issues.

Dawn has been featured in The Root, The i Newspaper, The Voice Newspaper, Women Talking Fibroids, Female Health and Fertility (to name a few). She has appeared on Steph's Packed Lunch (Channel 4), Times Radio, Reach London and has worked with the likes of the Charity, Wellbeing of Women, The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK's largest private Gynaecology Practice, London Gynaecology and Hutano. Dawn's aim is to get women comfortable talking about issues below the waist.

"I am committed to amplifying the voices of women who perhaps do not feel comfortable enough to speak up about their own fibroid journey. I also want to help educate everyone about this chronic and silent illness".