Dawn Heels, a multi award winning fibroid advocate and campaigner, transformed her personal journey of pain into a powerful mission; to raise awareness and amplify the voices of women battling fibroids. Following her courageous journey of overcoming 16 fibroids through open myomectomy in 2022, Dawn took to Instagram and YouTube, sparking a tidal wave of support and solidarity from women globally who had silently struggled with the condition.

Driven by a relentless passion to empower and educate, Dawn initiated the groundbreaking series 'My Fibroid Journey', providing a platform for women to share their stories and shed light on this often overlooked health issue. As the founder of The Guidance Suite, a UN Women UK delegate for CSW 68, and a prominent member of various influential groups including the All Party Parliamentary Group on Women’s Health and The Health Collective, Dawn's impact extends far beyond the digital realm.

Her advocacy has been recognised on both national and international stages, with features in esteemed publications such as The Mirror, The i newspaper, and The Voice Newspaper, alongside appearances on Sky News and BBC 5 Live. Dawn's expertise has also been sought after in podcasts, webinars, and health articles, including contributions to The Guardian and involvement in the award-winning campaign 'Just A Period' by Wellbeing of Women.

Not confined by borders, Dawn has made significant strides across continents, hosting the UK leg of The White Dress Project’s Patient Empowerment Tour and garnering attention from U.S. publications like The Root. In a fitting tribute to her unwavering dedication, Dawn was honoured with the Top Female Health Advocate award for 2023 by Female Health and Fertility in January 2024, and she further won Community Champion at the She Awards in March 2024, solidifying her position as a trailblazer in the field of women's health advocacy.