Dawn Heels is an In-House Senior Legal Counsel who has incorporated her love for creating content into her life. Her award winning lifestyle YouTube channel 'Dawn Heels' (which has over 2 million views) has been created for women who seek to make a positive impact in both their professional and personal lives. Her Instagram account contains a wealth of go-to information on a day to day basis.

Working with the likes of Natwest Bank, Zopa Money and Times Radio (to name but a few), Dawn provides guidance on money, property, careers and personal development.

Dawn has recently been a regular on Channel 4's show ' Steph's Packed Lunch' where she has provided information on clearing debt and finding ways to generate extra income through selling online.

Dawn wants you to recognise your greatness and to appreciate that there is always room for improvement and growth. Elevation is key and together, we can achieve this.


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